Delighted Clients

A number of the fab people who have used my 1 to 1 services allowed me to put them on this page.

Colliemoddles Pet Hotel

Screenshot 2016-07-12 at 9.24.40 AM

Just finished designing this site for a dear friend in Ireland. We did it in under a week and I also designed her FB banner, biz cards and an A5 information leaflet.

I really like this Goran theme/template as it is very clean and showcases the core business very well.

If you’re a small business or community group then you only need a simple site with a few pages.

It’s the design that’s going to make your site appealing and then the core content that tells the story of your organsation.

SALT – The Catering Company


This site was a delicious delight to create with chef/caterer Cathy Addis.

Cathy wanted a clean and simple site that she could refer clients to when they asked about her services.

She was delighted with the results.

We set up the site name, picked the free site design template [and it’s mobile responsive], structured the pages and added text and images in 4 hours.

I created the menu pdfs and inserted them in an additional 4 hours.

This is a great example of a simple, clean and professional site for a small business.


Ina Kearney Play Therapy


Ina’s work is amazing and she loved her theme with moving balloons.

This was a free theme and it really fitted the kind of message of playful serious that Ina wanted to create.

Because of client confidentiality we weren’t about to post any pictures so the balloons were a core part of giving a sense of play therapy.


Liz Lennon

Believe it or not, I’ve only just created a site to showcase the consulting work I did over the last 30 years.

I love the free WordPress themes and I was able to get a address for $15 a year from them.

The free themes have certain levels of customisation and I liked this theme a lot.

Bernadette Madden

Bernadette Madden is a leading Irish artist with an amazing 40 year resume of work.

We had a number of sessions and Bernadette is delighted with the result.

Some of the key features of this site are:

  • A lovely clean template that highlights the  visual nature of her work.
  • We closed the Comments feature and enabled a contact form in the Contact page.
  • Picture galleries were created to showcase her work. There is also a feature that allows the slideshow [when you click on a picture] to have a black or white background. I’ve found that photographers love the black background and visual artists love the white background.
  • We created submenus on a number of pages to organise both her resume and visual work.

The site is really lovely with a very clean and minimal look that shows Bernadette’s beautiful work at its best.

Bernadette really took to the whole process of learning and rang me today to let me know she’d been working away on the dashboard to find things and was delighted she hadn’t ‘broken’ the site.

She was a brilliant client and a joy to work with in the sessions. I also had the great pleasure of visiting her studio and seeing her work. Do yourself a favour and wander through her long resume and see the wealth of artistic work she has created.


Boolaloo Horse Transport and Instruction

I created this in a few hours as a present for a friend. Mike lives in West Oz and I’m in Dublin. I pretty much took key info and pics from his Facebook business page and reworked it for the site.

I knew that Mike wasn’t going to be blogging and really needed a site to clearly show the 3 elements of his business – transport; horse training and rider instruction.

The key things I did were:

  • create a page for each service
  • use photos to show Mikes passion and competence. I particularly like the Horse Training page with the gallery and slideshow combined
  • I turned off all comments as Mike communicates via his FB page. The contacts page on the site gives clear details.
  • I linked his FB business page into the site. People can then see he has a community that follows his work.

A site doesn’t need to be complex to work. This site can now serve to promote Mikes business online.

No worries mate.

Loughanna Design

Miriam Brady is an amazing textile artist who creates wearable art as well as stunning felted bowls and art pieces.
Once we had agreed on the key design structure it was just a matter of taking the time to resize a million pics and upload them into galleries. When you click onto any pic it becomes a slide show.

Being able to see the texture and detail of Miriams work is important.

You’ll see on her site that she will create a custom piece in any combo of colours for a special gift. She will send pics of the piece when it is finished and if you don’t like it you don’t have to buy it – can’t be fairer than that.

Miriam can send pieces worldwide.

I also helped Miriam open a Paypal account and I was able to insert a Paypal button on the site for easy payment.

Lynne Gerber

Lynn did a lot of work herself and I came in to add some value in terms of sorting a contact form; uploading pics; organising Pages and showing Lynn how to insert live site links for her bibliography as well as pdfs.

This is a lovely clean site and I think that many academics could use a site to highlight their research, writing and experience.


Harrison Solicitors

This was a gift to the founder of Harrison Solicitors from his wife and daughter. They were a delight to work with and we had the site up and running with all the content uploaded in 4 hours. They were very very well organised!

The site is very clean but still has a number of excellent features:

  • The sub menu feature came in very handy. Check the Practice Areas page and you can see the 4 different service areas
  • This theme came with an embedded social media feature where people can click on buttons and mention the site within their own FB walls and Twitter accounts

Shiatsu & the Art of Conscious Cooking.

Joanne was an amazing student and picked up things very quickly. Her site is chock full of amazing information about the services she offers – shiatsu; conscious  cooking courses; hunky chunk catering and her artwork. Joanne has a Special Offer  to celebrate the launch of her site.

Some of the WordPress functions we pressed into service included:

  • uploading a number of custom header pics that change for each page
  • using the Menus function to create submenus
  • positioning pics on different parts of the page
  • getting a custom url from WP for $17 a year
  • inserting live links to Pages into the pics on her front page